Christmas baskets 2017. The “boxes of Goodness”. The 3 types of Dairy Borderi



given the high number of requests, booking arrangements occur via WhatsApp / SMS to 329 985 2500. Indicate with a message vosto name, the type of cesta. The staff of the Dairy Farm will contact you as soon as possible for confirmation and details. Thank you! 😀

Baskets of Goodness 2017! Also for this Christmas The Dairy is ready Borderi to send delicacies throughout Italy and around the world!

three options, with the best of dairy products, and selections best products of Sicily that, daily, find the counter ofOrtigia. This Christmas we chose a container all made in #sicily, of wooden boxes decorate a mano!

The Reservations are active immediately, being handmade products, the Possible delivery number will be limited edition.

Cassettina A – euro 40

  • Bottaccio, a form of seasoned cow cheese, Limited to Autumn Edition
  • Honey Organic Sicilian, a jar 500 grams
  • black pig salami Sicilian, gives 500 grams
  • Bronte pistachios, a pack of 190 grams
  • Sicilian Olives, a pack of 300 grams 

box B – euro 70

  • Dried sausage, a "cardozzo"
  • Try it out of the house, a form of 1kg
  • Fish Sauce, preserves Dragon
  • Pecorino, a form from 1 kg
  • black pig salami Sicilian, gives 500 grams
  • Black Wine d'Avola, Gorghi cafeteria Tondi


Deposit C - € 170

  • Parmigiano Sicilian, a form from 2, 300 kg
  • Dried sausage, gives 1 kg
  • Try it out of the house, a form of 1kg
  • Porchetta di black pig, gives 1 kg
  • Capers from Salina, a pack of 300 grams
  • Fish Sauce, preserves Dragon
  • Sicilian Olives, a pack of 300 grams
  • Red Wine Magnum, cellar Alessandro di Campo Reale,  Donnatà Nerò d'Avola
  • Sicilian sweet wine


reservations at 329 985 2500 Also WhatsApp, indicating name, surname, typology basket, and shipping address.