sold out!! Take Away Menu New Year. At the table the flavors of dairy Borderi

#menu #take #away sold out! Is no longer #possible book menu #New Year, All equivalents were #exhausted! again thanks to those who #choose the Caseificio Borders! Leat in our #shop i #panettone #artiginali and a selection of #champagne per #toast al 2018! We are at #market today is #tomorrow, until to 16!


No desire to get in the kitchen for the holidays, but really want to impress your guests? Porta a table the flavors of dairy Borderi, with the menu to bring directly into your table New Year!

From starters to doce: 

  • Platter of salami, cheeses and preserves
  • Porchetta di black pig
  • cous cous or vegetarian lasagna with ricotta and spinach
  • parmiagiana eggplant
  • paninetti fantasy
  • pane cunzatu
  • cannoli di ricotta
  • cake


Euro 13 to person


New Year, within and no further than 29 December

Info and details to 329 985 2500

Also ready for the menu Company festive season