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The Dairy BorderiAnacque in 1930 to work Don Pasquale Borders who was in charge of the production and commerce of Sicilian extra virgin olive oils. Given the good performance of, Don Pasquale decided to expand and diversify its offerings, including in its list also Sicilian cheese.

E’ in 1970 that the son of Don Pasquale Borderi, Andrea Borders, it starts? to develop its strong sensitivity to the art of processing milk into cheese. In the following years, Andrea is dedicated? the intense study of all the Italian dairy sector and specializes? in typical Sicilian products. ma? always beenAla creation of his main love cheese, and start to present his creations in Syracuse markets, Floridia and the entire province. Getting a successful immediato.A

andrea borders

In 1998, which has become master cheese maker, Andrea Borders from life with her children Family Company: the Dairy Borderi, refined artisan cheese factory site in Floridia, in the province of Syracuse. AFrom then Borderi family operating in the markets of Ortigia, in Syracuse, and Floridia, He has won the respect and confidence of a vast private and public company.

Behind the production of typical Sicilian cheeses of artisan dairy Bordieri there? an accurate analytical study. The dairy farm is not intended for mass production, but the quality. E’ this is what allows him to win the loyalty of a large number of customers cosA. All cheese marketed at sales points are Borderi handmade, as tradition says. E’ upon tasting that we realize the importance of these processes slow and prolonged, that enhance the experience of taste and of all other senses.

the cheese dairy Borderi

In 2006 the Borderi Dairy has taken another step forward, adding to the traditional products range (ricotta, mozzarella, smoked mozzarella, sweet and seasoned provole, provoloni pit, provoloni the nero d'Avola wine, cheeses with squid ink, Pecorino primo sale, Style according salt, pecorino cheese etc) a new line of fresh and typical Sicilian products.

This diversification related to? Born in front of a study that has led us to the realization that “our customer” want fresh, light foods and A? our task to fulfill such desires.AFrom it is the birthplace of our with mozzarella stuffed inside as seasonal vegetables, which are a must for salad dressings and make light meals, as the market trend at the time that. A