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The high quality of products, who worked in the traditional way, They aim to give the exaltation of taste and senses reaching optimally our only goal, the satisfaction of those bites into them.

caseificio borders

Among our productions: ricotta, ricotta salata, ricotta cheese, Tricotta, mozzarella, smoked mozzarella, mozzarellone smoked, provolone sweet, seasoned provolone, provoloni pit black Wine d'Avola or squid ink, Pecorino primo sale (fresh), semi-cured Pecorino , pecorino cheese, hard sheep, fresh cheese, provolone fresh, provolone Ragusa, Persian tuma, sent


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Dairy Borderi selects only the finest sausage.

Among the choices: wild boar salami, .salami with truffles, salame allaaglio, spicy Sicilian sausage, sausage feline type, black pig bacon nebrodi, black pork sausage with pistachios, black pork sausage with fennel, black pork sausage spicy, nebrodi black salami, salami black nebrodi pistachio, cup santangelese, cup santangelese (sweet or spicy).


But also bacon battened, Raw black pig Nebrodi, parma raw seasoned 24 months, mortadella with pistachios, mortadella with truffle, spanish salami, salami fennels, bacon coppata, baked ham, Ham large cookie, delicate ham, bresaola

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